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West Chester, PA Divorce Attorney Supports Clients During Difficult Times

Providing Chester County families with trusted advice and advocacy for more than 30 years

Morton & Kubacke Family Law, LLC, has guided Pennsylvanians through the difficult and emotionally draining divorce process for more than three decades. She understands that you are likely to receive well-intentioned advice from family and close friends about divorce, including how much alimony you should receive. As well intentioned as that advice may be, it doesn’t take into account your unique circumstances or reflect the current state of family law in Pennsylvania. We invite you to speak to an expert at Morton & Kubacke Family Law, LLC who is dedicated to answering your questions, reducing your anxiety and supporting you through a process that can be difficult — but doesn’t have to be.

Seasoned West Chester divorce lawyers & Chester County family attorneys provide compassionate and balanced counsel

Selecting a lawyer to represent your interests should be a reflection of you and your goals. Selecting the right lawyer in a divorce case, however, is especially important because divorces involve more than spouses — they affect entire families. When children are drawn into a divorce, their sense of security is often shaken and their relationship with both parents is invariably changed. Our goal is to resolve each divorce with as little stress to you and your children as possible. We are able to accomplish this because we are:

  • Authoritative – Our firm has more than 30 years of experience handling divorce and related family law issues including child support, alimony, property division and child custody. Christin Kubacke brings her years of experience as former prosecutor for the Chester County District Attorney’s Office. She has tried hundreds of hearings and trials, and spent countless hours in Court seeking justice for victims.
  • Balanced – Locating an attorney who is open to a flexible and balanced approach can often be a challenge. Some attorneys are predisposed to litigate every matter while others simply seek a quick settlement. Although Christin Kubacke is a trained mediator with an established reputation for her ability to negotiate fair and balanced settlements, she never decides on a course of action without fully understanding the facts and goals of their clients. They select the approach that is most likely to accomplish those goals while protecting the best interests of any children who are involved.
  • Supportive – Divorce proceedings can be one of the most stressful periods in the lives of the divorcing couple and all family members. That stress often causes good people to lash out or behave in a manner that they otherwise would not. Our goal is to reduce our clients’ anxiety by making sure they clearly understand the process and potential outcomes. Clients often leave their initial meeting saying, “I was really nervous before, but now I at least understand the process and what’s ahead.”

Chester County attorneys handle mediation, divorce and family law issues

At Morton & Kubacke Family Law, LLC, we focus solely on family law cases, including divorce and mediation. With that focus, we are particularly sensitive to the issues that families face in Downingtown, Exton, Kennett Square and throughout Chester County:

  • Divorce – Morton & Kubacke Family Law, LLC handles divorce and all related family law issues. We pursue a balanced approach by trying to reach consensus when negotiating child custody and child support agreements, visitation rightsprenuptial agreements, equitable distribution, spousal support, alimony and post- judgment modifications.
  • Mediation Mediation or arbitration can often achieve better results than a traditional divorce through the courts. Spouses retain more control over agreements and their future. And the mediation process itself helps prepare divorcing spouses for the often difficult role they should carry into the future — that of working together for the good of their children. In a mediated divorce, you and your ex may be able to avoid the rancor and mistrust that are often part of divorce proceedings.

Put our extensive divorce and mediation experience to work for you

The prospect of divorce can cause sleepless nights, but it doesn’t have to. While we know it’s difficult to take the first step toward ending your marriage, we ensure you understand the process and devise a strategy that best protects you and your family. Contact Morton & Kubacke Family Law, LLC at 888-698-1787 or online today to begin the process.

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